“For more than 20 years, SEC has provided my company with construction services – office upfits, residential construction, and land development services. In all, SEC has been outstanding. SEC and its officers are reliable, knowledgeable, and principled. I would give SEC my highest recommendation.” – Frank Martin, Managing Member, New Carolina Properties

The SEC Construction Approach

SEC is poised to deliver excellence with an approach that is founded in our solid construction knowledge and expertise. We build on that strong foundation by providing extraordinary customer service for large and small jobs alike. Leadership, integrity and respect for others are our cornerstones.Each of our jobs has three distinct phases: Pre Construction, Construction, and Post Construction.

Pre Construction

The goal of pre construction is to clearly understand the goals and objectives of the client. Is the scope of work clear? What is the expectation regarding time of delivery? Are there opportunities for value engineering? What can SEC do to save the client time and money? What issues and elements do we need to consider to make the job run smoother and more efficiently?


Good construction starts with good planning. Taking what we learned in our pre construction meetings and implementing a plan based on a well defined scope of work and construction drawings. We put the right team on the field: Project Manager, Superintendent, and sub contractors specifically chosen for the job. Communicating the expectations established by the client to the guys in the field. We place special emphasis on communicating with the client every step of the way via weekly onsite meetings and written reports and photographs. Simply said, we plan the work and work the plan. Execution is the key

Post Construction

Our goal is to finish as strong as we start. We review the details and check for the correct fit and finish. Have we accomplished the goals and objectives established by the client? Are we on time and on budget? We package the warranty information and documentation for the client’s records. We take the guess work out of who to call should you need service after construction by providing the client with a complete list of sub contractors and their contact information. We return the stamped and approved construction drawings for your records.