Opportunities and Questions for 2022


Opportunities and Questions for 2022

As we begin a new year, we must all agree that this is a time of incredible opportunities. Read any publication and it is clear that we are in one of the fastest growing and most popular metro regions in the country, an area ripe with projects for those prepared to pursue and land them.

Charlotte Is…

  • #6 of the cities to watch overall
  • #7 for home building
  • An “18 hour city” (new)
  • #4 for investor demand
  • #12 for the retail “buy” recommendations
  • #2 for office “buy” recommendations
  • #6 for multi family “buy” recommendations
  • #4 for capital availability

*PWC ULI2022 Emerging Trends in Real Estate


Opportunities and Questions for 2022


There are challenges also, including rising labor and material costs, supply chain delays and the disruptions they bring to schedules, and limited personnel to fulfill the opportunities that abound here.

As we at SEC enter 2022, we have an attractive pipeline of office, retail, and industrial projects in place for interior build-out and new construction.

Do you need a nimble team that is prepared to work hard to realize your project goals and timetables?

Let us know if you need help on planning, estimating, and executing your next project. The New Year is here and we’re fresh, energized, and ready to do business.

Let’s talk soon,